Fertility Consultations & Counselling

Fertility Consultations & Counselling

It is estimated that around one in seven couple experience difficulties in trying to conceive and for those struggling with fertility issues, it can often become all-consuming and effect your mental & emotional health to a huge degree.

Ross will look at your full medical history, including your menstrual cycle, before advising on the best course of treatment. Taking a highly personalised and holisitc approach, Ross's clicnic offers acupuncture, diet and nutrition advice, diagnostic testing for fertility issues, counselling and support throughout assisted fertility treatment.

With over 10 years experience of fertility practice and philosophy, Ross will discuss what treatments or lifestyle changes could help with the following:

1) Regulating hormone function and optimising a woman's menstrual cycle. (Conditions such as polycystic ovaries and endometriosis have also been shown to improve with regular acupuncture treatments).
2) Increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs to help improve the endometrial lining and enhance the chances of conception.
3) Reducing Stress; Trying to conceive can be a stressful experience, which can further hinder the chances of becoming pregnant. There are the additional benefits too from taking positive steps in regaining control over wellbeing and acupuncture provides the perfect environment to make a patient feel acknowledged, nurtured and relaxed.

Addressing the physiological, mental and emotional wellbeing of the patient is integral to Ross' treatment, whilst at the same time acknowledging that healthy living is not simply about being physically fit; 'Sometimes, the best thing for your health is to just stop, sit down and breathe for ten minutes to conserve your energy; it's no coincidence that couples often conceive when on holiday.'

If you've yet to undergo any medical fertility tests then we work closely with IVF clinics in and around London and can arragne these for you, including panels such as FSH, progresterone, and AMH for women and semen analysis for men. We can also arrange for a wide variety of other tests for factors which are known to impact fertility, such as thyroid function, omega-3 and vitamin D levels, and STIs. If you are already undergoing IVF or fertility treatment, Ross will help to advise on what treatments or therapies will be best for the next stage.

Ross is a member of the British Infertility Counselling Association & The British Fertility Society.

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